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June 29, 2014

CFv2 Deployment on latest DevStack using MicroBOSH

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As promised, here’s a follow up to the 2 previous posts:

Let’s now deploy a full CFv2 instance using microbosh, instructions are from here:
Install Cloud Foundry on OpenStack

Here’s the edited flavor(s) that i used:

Here’s the micro_bosh.yml for completeness:

Here’s the cf-173-openstack.yml originally from @ferdy with minor tweaks:

Things to tweak:
In my cf-173-openstack.yml, i had set static_ip to So once the MicroBOSH finished deploying CFv2, i had to find the correct vm for the router and set its floating ip to You can do this by running “bosh vms”, look for the ip address for “router/0”, then find the correct vm in horizon or using nova list and then set it’s ip address. You need to do this before you try to use the cf command line API. Be sure to download the latest and greatest CLI from

Flaky Stuff:
postgres vm ran into trouble multiple times, i figured out how to stop/start the shell script by hand but since other vms like cloud_controller, clock_global, cloud_controller_worker had issues it was better to whack a big hammer and run “bosh delete deployment cf” and re-instantiate the vms. (yes, i tried combinations of bosh start/recreate/restart commands as well)

bosh-lite’s is very helpful about how to build the cf release. Andy’s blogpost helped quite a bit to peel the onion for debugging as did Dr Nic’s posts. Thanks Folks!


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